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What To Expect

You can expect to receive the highest quality care at Gray Matter Chiropractic, with focus on helping you reach health and wellness goals that are important to you! We are firmly anchored in the proactive, preventative paradigm of chiropractic.

Your first visit:

Dr Courtney will thoroughly review your current concern (if applicable), past health history, and assess the major stresses in your life. We also have a talk about what we do in the office, and how chiropractic is unique compared to other treatments you might have had in the past. We perform a thorough assessment of your nervous system, using our state-of-the-art scanning technology (you don’t even feel a thing!), and a physical/postural exam to really get to the root of your problem. You can expect to leave feeling like you have really been listened to, and understood. If Dr. Courtney feels x-rays are necessary, she will refer you to a local facility (covered by OHIP). You can expect this visit to take 30-45 minutes.

Your second visit:

In this visit we tie together all of the information we collected about you: history, scans, physical exam, and x-rays. With the full picture, and your goals in mind, Dr Courtney will give you recommendations for care. Then you get POWERED ON with your first adjustment; hopefully leaving with a big smile! You can expect this visit to take 30-40 minutes.

Regular visits:

With your busy schedule in mind, our regular office visits are timely and efficient. We give you just what you need – nothing more, nothing less. Dr Courtney frequently says “this is how I take care of my family, why would I do anything different for my patients!”… at Gray matter, you are part of a big family! With office hours that can accommodate visits before, during, or after work visits, we know that fitting chiropractic into your life is possible.


8am-10am, 3pm-5pm
8-10, 2pm-6:30pm
Saturday by appointment