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Conditions We Treat

Many people think chiropractic is used to get rid of back and neck pain; we are so much more than this! It is also common to see a list of conditions treated by chiropractors on their websites that runs the gamut from carpal tunnel to plantar fasciitis. I like to think that chiropractic is a tool, not a treatment, used to allow you to express your greatest health potential. The alleviation of different conditions/ailments/symptoms after a course of chiropractic adjustments are just the ‘side-effects’ of a better functioning nervous system. Chiropractic patients have been getting healthier and out of pain with the adjustment for generations, but many learn that the best benefits of chiropractic care happen with long term care; enhanced immunity, greater capacity to handle stress, and improved sleep – just to name a few.

Don’t get me wrong, if you are at a point in your journey where you are experiencing pain and symptoms, we want to get you feeling better! At Gray Matter, we don’t stop when the pain stops, we delve deeper to correct the problem, and prevent it from returning.

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